Strong Zen Roots.  Optimized Human Nutrition.  Communion With Nature.
hands-on awakened living
Community, Diversity, Sharing, Learning, Thai Culture, Global Culture, Self-Care, Wisdom Traditions, Permaculture, Organics, Craft, Healing, Human Flourishing.

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Daily Core Program

traditional Zen meditation form
• yoga, qigong, and other body/mind wellness tools
• shared meals that are mindful, healthful, and delicious
• help create & maintain our sacred space
• sustainable on-site ecology and permaculture
• organic and biodynamic agriculture

• community service and volunteerism
• special guest teachers and presenters

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Variable Program

• a variety of outings and excursions
art and craft programmes
• variety of mind-body-spirit wellness practices

• variety of courses and workshops
• Thai cultural activities
• natural and integrative healing classes
• guest healing practitioners
• off site activities, 
• public events

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Community Service

• optional volunteer activities for retreat guests
• Chiang Mai elephant care and community
• guest participation in elephant care and rescue
• english language class for Thai children
• Thai children's ecology programme
• promotion of organic and permaculture practices
• Middle Path Retreat open house events
• community outreach

Life inspired, life optimized

We believe it is important to make choices and take action that directly and immediately support the changes one wishes to see in the world while also optimizing one’s own wellbeing. This brings together the simple enjoyment of life, with a sense of connection and purpose, and the imperative to serve others and contribute to a greater whole.

We seek to balance the great wisdom traditions in dynamic synergy with emerging technologies, cutting edge knowledge on human flourishing, and rational model for spiritual growth and the expansion of consciousness.

A rational model for spiritual evolution

Middle Path retreat and community is a values-based model for conscious living, balancing personal development and healing with acts of service to a larger whole. It is in integral approach to personal and global wellbeing.

We offer gentle version of a monastic or temple lifestyle from a Trans-Rational, Transpersonal, and Secular Humanist Perspective.

Meditation & Secular Spiritual Practice

… is the heart of The Middle Path experience. Come and experience the benefits of traditional time tested meditation meditation in an inclusive and integral setting. We offer a rational approach to personal spiritual expansion with a deep bow to the great traditions of awakening consciousness.

Delicious, Healthful, Mindful, Omnivory

… is our approach to food. Sustainability, health, and the joy of eating are expressed in our kitchen, garden, and in the courses and workshops we offer.

Traditional Healing Systems, Fitness, & Bodywork

…adapted for your modern reality; the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda are at the heart of our integrative approach to wellness.

Yoga & Qi Gong

…as well as other traditional holistic fitness systems are always part of our curriculum.

Ecology & Sustainability

… in practice and theory is an essential part of expanding consciousness.

Community Service & Volunteerism

…change yourself and change the world. We respond to the needs of our broader community through service to others and charitable outputs.

Special Guest Teachers & Practitioners

…provide a diverse and evolving perspective. See our calendar for details.


What makes the Middle Path Retreat Different?

• Practical take-home wisdom on healing and wellbeing

We seek to provide wisdom and daily practices that enhance your global wellbeing and can be integrated into your daily life.
Many retreats provide only a temporary experience, therapy, strange diet, very intense meditation practice, or aggressive detox program that may not be sustainable or cannot be easily integrated into your real life. True healing and true wisdom can be integrated and carried with you as you move on with your real life.  We adjust to your pace and your needs, and provide you with real life strategies for self-healing, enhanced wellbeing, and personal growth.

• Middle Path meditation is pure Zen

Meditation is a powerful tool with clear benefits toward overall wellbeing. Choosing and consistently utilizing a particular meditation form or structure enhances and deepens the effects of a regular meditation practice. Middle Path programme director Pierre Black has a strong background in Zen Buddhism, having spent 2 years living in a small rural Zen Temple in southern Japan.  Zen offers a time-tested, simple, yet powerful approach to meditation that is free of clutter or intellectualization. We intend to provide a solid meditative practice that you can take with you and practice on your own terms, and an established form and lineage that will allow you to to participate in Zen meditation communities around the world, should you wish to. Morning meditation practice is the foundation of the Middle Path Retreat experience.

• A strong foundation in the great traditions, and an emerging path informed by science.

We offer a deep bow to the great spiritual and wellness traditions, while steering clear of dogma and forging a brave new path into the emerging sciences of human flourishing. Middle Path programme director Pierre Black has a strong background in Zen Buddhism, Taoism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ayurveda; while also embracing a variety of emerging approaches to human potential and wellbeing such as biohacking, modern nutrition and supplementation, and the latest psychology and neuroscience.


• Continuous retreat program and fixed location

Organic gardening and permaculture, community living, immersive interaction with your hosts and guest teachers... We live here.  And we want to share our way of life with you. The Middle Path is a land-based project where the ecology and stewardship of the land is essential to what we offer. Gardening and land stewardship is an integral part of your experience. When you plant a tree here, we hope you will return to see it bear fruit. We operate continuously for at least 10 months of the year. We offer a medium-intensity programme that gives you ample time to relax and do your own thing, with the flexibility to engage your hosts and other guests and create

• Mindful omnivory and communal meals

Food is such an important part of life. It directly informs our health and social interactions.  Shared meal experiences - and your participation - are essential to the Middle Path experience. Participate, learn, share, contribute... and please help with the dishes!  We feature Thai and international cooking including strong Indian, Japanese, and European influences. Our programme director Pierre Black is a passionate cook, and has studied cooking in Japan, India, Mexico, Cuba and elsewhere. We also feature guest cooks and cooking teachers based on demand and availability. Most of all, we want your favourite healthy recipe! Kitchen duties are shared by guests. 

We are interested in sustainability and optimal health for the individual as well as the ecosystem. We consume animal products as part of a healthy traditional diet that is also backed up by science. We teach informed omnivory and a balanced personalized approach to optimizing your own diet.

We lean toward, but are not strictly limited to the following popular dietary concepts and guidelines: low carbohydrate, paleo, primal diet, gluten free, cyclic ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting, fat adaptation, high (healthy) fat/moderate protein/low carbohydrate diet, high nutrient density.